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Art Program Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to buy any art supplies for my child?

We provide all the materials needed, aside from an apron and sketch book which is required for all the classes- with the exception of Fun Art ages 3-6. Students will take the sketch book home and bring it to every class. 

Can my child wear his/her own cooking/other apron instead of buying the apron with the logo of the studio?

We require that all our Art students wear the apron of the studio, it not only protects children’s clothing, but it also creates a sense of belonging, unison and sets their minds to work on art. Home depot’s apron, cooking apron, etc., has different uses in different places. We use our aprons for a cohesive environment here in the art studio.

This is the second year my child is taking art classes, would he/she repet the same level and projects as last year?

We group students by age, to be able to present them with projects carefully designed for their age level. For that reason students can remain in a group for up to 3 years. Though the techniques will be same, projects won’t be repeated. Keep in mind, artistic skills are improved by repetition, problem solving and exploration. We might bring back a project done several years ago, but we make sure your child hasn’t done it.

If my child misses a class can I get a refund, or a make up class?

We don’t offer refunds for missing classes when is on customers part, though we can try our best to accommodate student in a different class to help students catch up on project. This is upon teacher approval. 

Can my child have a make-up class any time?

Every week we work on a specific project that may carry on to the next week. In the scenario where a child misses a class a make-up class can be offered in the same week on a different class of the same group level, or It may be offered on the following week if the project carries on to the next week. For any make-up class please contact the teacher immediately to find out where your child’s group is, in the development of the current project. Make-up classes won’t be offered after two weeks past the missing class, unless it is set up with the teacher as a private class with an additional $15 fee.

Would I get discounted tuition on months with Holidays?

Even though our program is planned to take place in a four week basis, due to holidays some months will have 3 weeks of classes. Keep in mind, other months will have 5 weeks, balancing our monthly program back with the original four weeks. On specific months we will offer a make-up class for projects that will be enjoyable to the students, as it is the case for the month of December where we work on Christmas projects. Please review our Holiday Schedule below.

Holidays: No classes on the days below

(Makeup classes available when noted):

Monday, September 2nd Labor Day (5 week month)

October 31st (no classes after 5:00pm) 5 week month

Christmas Break from December 24-January 6th. (Make up day available)

Spring Break April 1st-5th. (5 week month)

What is the Art Show?

The art show is a great opportunity Hands on Art offers to its students to showcase 6 of their most favorite art works done throughout the year. Their art is displayed in an Art Gallery setup in a special location. Students get to invite family and friends to join in celebration of their talent and effort. The art show is a fundamental tool of our program; it builds children’s confidence and helps them be identified among family and friends by their creative potential. We present students with small recognition, and Free art activities for the guestes.

Why do I have to pay the art show fee with my registration if the art show won’t take place until April of the school year?

In order to plan for the space needed for a successful art show, it is important for us to know with time in advance how many students’ artwork, materials needed to set up displays, panels for displays and possible visitors that will be attending the art show. We can have over 500 + artworks on display and over 120 visitors.

What day will the art show be, this year?

The art show will take place on Saturday May 2nd. More details will be provided a few months before the event.

Thanks for checking out our FAQ!