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Iraima Otteson

As a young child, Iraima Otteson developed love for art. She graduated as a Graphic Designer, in Venezuela-South America, but it was not only at school where she learned to work with a diversity of art mediums, but her self-motivation and passion lead her to a career of more than 20 years of experience as an artist and love of teaching children the joy and passion of art.

Iraima is gifted not only as an artist, she sees every child as a potential creator. She has the patience to work with and help children find their strengths by allowing each of her students to be creative in their own way. Iraima respects every child’s ideas while they find their strengths and develop them through imagination, visualization and effort, and that is what makes us unique.

We value effort over natural ability, Iraima tells her students over and over because she believes that in life, effort and persistence toward our goals will help us succeed more so than natural ability.

There are many children that are incredibly smart and talented, but unfortunately are afraid to try new ideas for fear of making a mistake. Iraima also said, Our studio is a safe place to make mistakes, it’s actually a lab and we are at work building geniuses, not just artists! These kids will grow to have passion and love for life.

Iraima Otteson

Hands on Art for Children
Art Coordinator and Founder.

Chelsea Watts

I am a Spanish and Art Education student at Weber State University, where I play the Double
Bass in the Symphony Orchestra. Though my emphasis in art is in drawing and illustration, my
experience in the fine arts includes: black and white analogue photography, pottery, 2D design, color
theory, sculpting, and oil painting.

Aside from the fine arts, I have pursued a side career as a Children’s Magician under the direction of my mentor and professional magician, Julian Mather. At the beginning of my magic career, Julian made it clear that only someone with the heart of a child and an ability to connect with children is right for the job. That’s where the magic comes from. I have always had a very playful personality and enjoy working with children very much. Another influence in my life has come from the pursuit of my Spanish Teaching degree, where I developed a strong love for learning about culture.

Throughout my art teaching methods courses, Latin and Native American culture has been my focus. As I pursue my degree in Art Education, I have come to see my role as an educator as being one of
helping to raise a generation of empathetic, self-confident, and creative youth with their own voice.

Chelsea Watts

Fun Art Intermediate and Master Art teacher, Art Coodinator.

Adalynne Dean

I have been practicing many forms of art since I was a little kid and it has become a true passion of mine! I have taught art in elementary schools in Utah and also internationally. I believe that art is one of the greatest creative and educational tools that a person can have. I love teaching and sharing my knowledge and also seeing the creativity of children as they create and explore art!
Adalynne is attending the U of U pursuing Art History degree.

Adalynne Dean

Fun art Beginner and Intermediate Teacher.

Sky Dodds

Hello Hello, my name is Sky Dodds I am a native to Layton, Utah. After graduating Layton High School I moved to St. George where I studied under renowned artist Del Parson. I graduated at the top of my class as Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors Degree from DSU emphasis in Painting and Drawing. After graduating I married my best friend and moved back home to Layton Utah. I plan to continue building my art career and hope to some day become an established artist myself! Currently most of my work is commission based though I do have art being shown in the Sears Gallery in St. George Utah. While pursuing my own career in art I hope to inspire many other aspiring artists. Art has always been a major part of my life since early child hood, I feel much of what I’ve accomplished is to be attributed to all those in the community who helped cultivate my talent and self confidence. I am excited for this opportunity to work at Hands On Art and be a part of this beautiful studio that helps cultivate art within the community. It’s an opportunity to share and give back to a community that has already shared so much with me. I will be over Hands on Arts Paint Nights! I am so excited to work with art lovers of all ages. I hope to help everyone realize the little artists within! So, come play in the paint with me! Don’t be afraid pick up a brush, I will be there to give step by step instructions so everyone can make a piece they will be proud of!

Sky Dodds

Adults & Teen art teacher and Paint Night Instructor.

Sales Associate Team

Jessica Garfield

As a high school student taking college classes, I was so excited to find a job that would work with my crazy homework schedule and also allow me to spend time doing something I enjoy. I have always enjoyed art as a relaxing pastime, and I appreciate the opportunity to be around it more often. Along with art, I also enjoy math, music, writing, photography, and doing things outdoors.

Savannah Otteson

Sales Associate & Art Teacher Assistant

Zae Kunkel

Sales Associate

Lizzy Parra

Sales Associate & Art Teacher Assistant.