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I love Hands on Art for Children! I signed up my daughter, Grace, for a week long summer session and she was hooked. I now have her signed up for weekly lessons and she loves it! I have noticed that she is gaining so much confidence in her art skills and wants to “show off” her art to anyone that comes to the house. The thing that’s great about this art class is that Iraima teaches them art skills, not just gluing cotton balls to a paper plate. Iraima teaches sketching, shading, water colors, oils, pastels etc. At the end of the year, the kids will get to display their art at an art show. I think it is such a great accomplishment for the kids to feel good about their art and then be able to display it for everyone to see.

– Kiersten Ogles

Hands On Art for Children has been a wonderful class for my daughter to express herself and learn to use that creativity to her full potential. I find that she is using her art skills in all of her school projects and often gets great compliments on the work she has put forth. I know that the art techniques that Iraima Otteson uses in her classes have been useful in all aspects of my daughters life. Almost every picture that she creates takes quite a bit of time to finish but when it is done, each one becomes a new masterpiece that I delight in so much that I go out and buy a special frame for each one! Thank you for giving my daughter a chance to excel in something as wonderful as art!

– Charise Cooley

We are truly thrilled with the art education our daughter is getting through Hands on Art for Children. The children are exposed to a variety of artists, art history and artistic techniques and mediums. The work they create is amazing!

– Meserve Janet

The painting my daughter brought home after her experience with “Hands on Art” was absolutely beautiful. We could tell a lot of quality time, direction, talent, and love of art was given by the teacher. We will be hanging this picture in our main living room.
We believe this art instruction will increase the self confidence of many children, and also aid in necessary life skills.
We LOVE “Hands on Art!”

– Jayni Carlton
September 20, 2012

Dear Iraima, Your art program was such a wonderful part of my daughter’s fun summer. She was very engaged in your class and spoke so excitedly about it for a very long time. She also was very proud of the work she did in your class and was able to teach her Dad and I about the techniques she was learning. Clearly, the class was instructional and fun, just the right combination to produce a very happy child, who is already smart and just needs an outlet for creativity and some solid instructional input. Thank you for your time and efforts, we will be signing up for additional classes next summer. Yours truly,

– Kymberly Burgess

I am so impressed with this art program, Hands On Art for Children. My daughter is only ten years old and she is creating art work that has my family, friends and neighbors in awe. I love the broad range of mediums to which they are introduced. This class has helped her self esteem and given her an outlet for self expression. She can create in a way that is interesting to her while still learning formal techniques. I feel blessed to have found this art class and would recommend it to anyone. These classes give children an opportunity to foster a lasting talent that can afford many future opportunities. Thank you Iraima for all you do!

– Cristy Shields

My 5 year old son has been going to Hands On Art For Children for just over two months, and he has benefited immensely from it. Not only have I noticed great improvement in his skill level, but I’ve noticed an increased amount of self confidence and independence. My son has a fairly high anxiety level and gets overwhelmed very easily, but I’ve noticed that since working with Iraima, he seems more calm, more relaxed, and more confident in himself. Before attending class, he used to have meltdowns regularly when he couldn’t make his artwork perfect. Now art has become a great emotional outlet for him. He knows he needs to work hard to do quality work, but he no longer stresses about perfection. Iraima has also taken great pains to work patiently with my 3 year old in the same class. Despite his young age, I am also seeing great improvement in his skill level as well. Iraima has a very good balance of allowing him to express himself freely while still maintaining a disciplined, hard working atmosphere.

– Thank you Carly for sharing with all of us!
October 23

I did a party to go at my house for my daughters 12th birthday and the kids absolutely LOVED it!! It was so much fun and the kids paintings turned out so cute!! Definitely a great birthday party idea! I definitely recommend Hands on Art to everyone!

– Jessica Haoaglin Sollars