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Serigraphy or Screen Printing is one of the most fascinating process of graphic art, children and adults get submerged in the possibilities of screen printing, there is nothing more rewarding than seem your own design or ideas printed on a shirt and wear it for the world to see it, it is definitely the best form of self-expression.

Screen Printing Classes and Services


Upcoming Class Starts on July 11th – August 1st

Create your own T-shirt Design/Ages 12 and up/4 classes/Tuesday 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm / 90min /$100

We offer classes for kids ages 12 and up, our classes cover the basic process of screen printing, from design, color separation, preparation of the screens with emulsion, burning the screens with the design created by the student and the printing of a t-shirt, students can print as many additional t-shirts by paying a small fee per shirt. The cost of the class includes only one color printing. For more than one color projects please contact the instructor.

Screen Printing Parties

Ideal for sports team, clubs or family reunion.
Bring your club or family over to the studio, we will create the design and get the screens ready for you to have your own screen printing party! Every member of your club will have the opportunity to experience the process of printing his/her own T-shirt. You just have to pay for the design, screens, and T-shirts. a minimum of 20 T-shirt if required.
$30 Design
$40 per screen
$10 per T-shirt

Screen Printing Services

We also offer screen printing services, for more information and quotes please contact Iraima at 801-906-1192.