We focused this year’s art show on demonstrating sustainable art activities parents could do at home with their children using recycled materials. It was so great seeing the results of our ideas and efforts work to provide the opportunity for our community to come together as a family and interact, problem solve, laugh and enjoy some quality time together.  

The preparation of our Art Show is always a big highlight and an opportunity to show parents all the fun things we do at Hands on Art. One of the fun things we do to prepare is choosing an artist and creating our own screen printed shirts. Every student gets the opportunity to go through the process of creating his/her Hands on Art shirt. This year we wanted to do the Monalisa in a pop art style. We all fell in love with how it turned out! Even some parents were so excited to get their own T-shirt.

The projects we choose for the art Show were inspired by our desire to offer a fun alternative for families to spend time together creating memories without the need for expensive entertainment Everything is really in our homes. Recycled materials make a great source of family fun. When was the last time you created something without the pressure of expectation? Usually, we put our time and resources in creating items that bring satisfaction, either for our home decor or as a gift. These kinds of activities are different, the resources are available to us at no cost, and the expectation is nothing more than creating with our kids without concerns of outcomes.  

The inspiration for these projects was based on a theme park, every member of the family gets to create a section. The idea of a theme park brings imagination and an open stage for anything. Parents get to assist children while they create, there is a lot of exploration, innovation risk-taking, and discovery all in a safe and loving atmosphere.