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A Creative Lab For Children

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Our Teaching Approach

To support our children’s dream of becoming artists or creators in any form of life, we need to understand that the foundation of an independent-original creator starts on an early age exploring messy-non-guided work. Confidence is the result of problem-solving, through trial and error without giving up. A big part of our program focus on helping children feel comfortable making mistakes…LEARN MORE

Mixed Media Weekly Classes

School Year program is in session. Still a few spots left!

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Clay Building


Confidence & Creativity

Hands on Art’s teaching approach allows children to take charge of their own creative process. By doing so, students are able to create unique pieces, express their own ideas, problem solve, learn from their mistakes and discover new ways to create. Our goal is to help children become confident creators in any aspect of their lives! learn more…

Year Round Program

Our program offers the flexibility of joining for one day, one month or a full year of art classes. Our full year provides the opportunity for children to explore the larges variety of art mediums available and the development of skills through repeating exercises. Though none of our projects will be repeated, kids will build skills through the exploration of new ideas.

More Classes

Pottery Wheel 

Painting Classes


Do I have to buy any art supplies for my child?

We provide all the materials needed, aside from a sketch book which is required for all the classes- with the exception of Fun Art ages 3-6. Students will take the sketch book home and bring it to every class.Continues


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