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Check Out Our Summer Classes!

WE HAVE GREAT NEWS…Because now a Day Flexibility is key! You can now purchase Weekly Classes individually, pay if you come! Our classes start as low as $12.50, believe it or not!!  We just love having your kiddos in our studio so much that we carefully choose and curate a summer they’ll never forget!

Our summer classes include weekly classes and camps, exciting workshops, and engaging plan-it-yourself activities all break long! We aren’t kidding when we say we’ve got everything mapped out to give you and your kids an unforgettable summer filled with creativity and more!

Feel free to browse our variety of summer classes and pick out a few that work with your schedule- whether you need a weekly class, a week-long summer camp, or to just sprinkle some fun workshops throughout your summer. Enjoy!

Summer Weekly Mix-Media In-studio and Virtual Classes

Regular mix media summer classes, available on a weekly basis Sign up for one day or a full month! Classes include watercolor, pastel, acrylic, drawing, and ceramic painting. Fun Art 3-6 classes will use more materials for exploration. Please check individual classes for more details.
Sessions available: June, July and August.


Fun Art


Fun Art


Master Creators


Summer Camps

You can sign up for one day or a full week of classes. Your greatest saving is reached when you book for a full week! Classes include paper mache, clay building, ceramic painting, acrylic on canvas, slime Jam,  screen printing, 3D projects and many more! Check each camp for more details.

Virtual Kits to go are also available. 



We will take a tour to learn about contemporary artists from Utah and around the world, you will learn about their styles, inspiration and what it takes to be a great artist. This will be a great camp that will focus on building confidence in creating, and understanding that realistic art is not the only form of art successful artist exercise. Kids will be able to explore different styles and encourage to find their own. We will be creating sculptures, clay building, pottery, painting, printing, and drawing.


A fantastic adventure that will take your imagination to soar through flowers, gnomes and far away lands. create all your elements for a special fairy garden or create a figure of your own choice during our clay building workshop, paint ceramics, learn how to watercolor, use chalk pastel and paint with acrylics. Special friends will fly from far away to visit and brighten our day with color, imagination and a refreshing test of Nature. This camp includes science, potion making and drawing from fresh flowers (still live).

Fantastic Pets July 27- 31

This is one of a kind Camp. Hands on Art has creatively dived into the imagination of your children to dream up some truly Fantastic Pets. Want to design your own unicorn, create a cereal bowl of your fantastic pet, or dream up a crazy creature? We have all of that and more packed into this year’s Creative Camp.


Parents will love not getting a dentist bill from all this delicious goodness, and kids will have fun using different mediums to create these yummy looking treats! from paper mache to acrylic painting a full week of learning and Fun!


This class is ideal for beginner to intermediate level students, ages 8 and up! Learn to create basic pieces of pottery like bowls, mugs, and plates on any of our 4 pottery wheels we have in-studio. 

Follow our instructor through our step-by-step classes to create beautifully thrown pottery that is all your own.

Fun Fact: This class is not limited to just children! People of all ages are able to schedule private class times of their own. Check out the “Pottery Wheel Classes” in our header menu, above!