Pottery To Go 


We had brought the studio to the tip of your fingers, now you can select from our larger variety of pieces and glazes and enjoy a Hands-on Art experience from anywhere and anytime.


We are open for in-studio painting, call in to reserve at (801) 451-7689

Paint your pieces in the comfort of your home, we will provide you with all the materials you’ll need to create a beautiful piece. You can choose from Curbside Pickup or Home Delivery for your order.

Delivery Option – We can bring your order to your door for a $10 small fee + $0.75 per mile from our store location to your door. If you’d like, we will also pick up the pieces following your painting experience and bring them back to our studio for firing at the price of $0.75 per mile.

Pottery To Go is readily available to Davis County, Utah residents. All other locations please call us at  801-906-1192 for delivery inquiries. All counties can arrange to pick up their pieces curbside from our location.

1- Choose Your Pieces: Pick your pieces and your ideal palette of colors

2- Fill out your order and Submit!

3- Come Pickup Your Order or Wait for Delivery!: Same-Day Orders must be placed at least  1 hour before pick up. Do not forget to call 801-906-1192 to confirm any Home Delivery Order!

4- Paint Your Pieces and Return for Firing!: You will have your pieces for up to 64 hrs. Have us pickup your pieces or deliver them back to our studio between 1-4 PM. Return pieces by Wednesday will be fired and ready to pick up by the following Saturday. Please return paints, and materials along with your pieces.

Cost: Price of Piece(s) + Paint Palette ($10)+ Opt: Delivery Fee ($10 + $0.75 per mile)

What is Included: Your Piece(s), brushes and paints, and the firing of your piece.

When is Pottery To Go Available?: Mon-Sat from 1-4 PM

Where is Pottery To Go Delivery Available?: Davis County, Utah! For other counties please contact the studio at 801-906-1192 . If you wish to pick up from our studio, your county doesn’t matter, you will pick up from our Farmington studio.

How Many Paint Colors Are We Allowed?: 5 per palette order- unless you’d like to add more at an additional charge. You will select this via our Paint Palletes and Brushes product.

Do I have to have my Pottery To Go Order delivered?: Delivery of your Pottery To Go Order is OPTIONAL. You may choose to pickup your kit from our studio and drop it off when you’re finished. You specific this information at order.

How Do I Complete my Order?: After you have selected each of your pieces you are going to be using, please say “Yes” that you are finished on your last piece in your order from the drop down menu on the product. This will immediately prompt the filling out of our form- just remember to give us a call for Home Delivery at 801-906-1192!

Can I Use My Own Paints and Brushes?: To simply put it- we have special, high quality and professional use brushes and paints at our studio meant for creating ceramic masterpieces. The paints you have at home typically fall into Acryllics, Watercolors, Tempura or Oils- ALL of which are completely unable to go through our kiln without burning off. So, No, we provide these paints for the duration of your painting experience.

Will We Be Provided Instruction?: Yes! We will provide you with all of the information you need to create masterpieces- but it boils down to this: Wipe down your pieces with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any dust. Use No. 2 pencils, if you so please, to mark out your designs- the pencil marks all burn away in the kiln. Next, we recommend at least 2 coats of every color but Black. Otherwise, your color will be more sheer on your pieces. You can use this to your creative advantage, as well! From there, please sign your names- IN PAINT!- and await pickup, or deliver them back to our studio for firing!

Be sure to not forget your Paints and Brushes! Don’t forget to add these to your painting experience, here! 

One palette comes with five 2oz colors, 1 Detail Brush and 1 Regular brush. Additional colors and brushes available at ordering. Please return any paints and materials with your pieces. 


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