Paint Colors and Palettes


Select the Paint Palette you want: each palette comes with 5 colors, each in 2 oz containers.

Depending on the size of your piece, you can paint up to 3 pieces with one color palette! You may also add additional colors to customize your painting experience.

Your paint palette comes with 2 brushes- One Detail Brush and One Regular Paint Brush. You may add up to 3 sets per palette. Please return paints and materials after done.

Acrylic Disclaimer: Please be aware that your pieces painted with acrylic are NOT SAFE to be used for food, and have no need to be returned to the studio for firing. When working with Acrylic we advise to protect working areas from permanent paint stains. Please Check this box to acknowledge this disclaimer. *
Ceramic glazes require firing in order to look similar to the example palettes you selected. Please return to the studio for firing after you finished painting. *

Here are our Paint Palettes!

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Bright Acrylic, Pastel Dream, Rainbow, Neutral, In The Summer


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