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Love’s Warm Glow Candlewarmer Project


You can’t spell heart without art, and art is warming the hearts and homes of many, right now!

We want YOU to be thinking of what awesome gift you could make and give this year- with this pottery project kit!!
(Or maybe you want to make and keep it for your own home!)
When you buy this plate (11″ in Diameter), you get the ceramic, instructions and paints and brushes to paint a masterpiece for you family!
(Hint: It doesn’t HAVE to be for a special occasion, and we’re sure more loved ones would love this, too!)

Order today and pickup between 1-5 PM Mon-Fri, or 11-5 Pm Sat for painting!


The 5 P’s of Painting Pottery:

Purchase: Buy your project!
Pickup: Come by our studio anytime between 1-5 PM Mon-Sat
Prepare: Prepare your painting station with your brushes, paints and Project,
Paint: Create and finish your masterpiece,
Post: Share your masterpiece with friends, family- the WORLD! And don’t forget to tag @handsonart4everyone so we can give you a shoutout!

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