Beginners Guide to Acrylic Painting


A Six week class guide to acrilyc painting. Ages 12



A Beginners Guide to Acrylic Painting
This six week course is perfect for the beginner acrylic artist. Each
class is two hours and will run for six weeks. You will learn the
fundamental skills for painting so you can then go out and create
whatever you want! Each class will focus on painting skills that will
build on each other. The class will cover value, shapes, brush work,
color and culminate with a completed still life and landscape project.
Students will have the opportunity to share their work and get
feedback. This class is designed for teens and adults. Students will
provide all their own painting supplies.
Suggested Painting Supplies
* 9X12 Canvas paper (16 sheets) I buy these on Amazon
* Acrylic Paint- Primary red, yellow, blue, white and black
-My two favorite brands for beginners is Liquitex Basics or Blickrylic. If you already
have some, use that. For the first three classes we will only be using black and white
* Brushes- Flat brush size 6 and 4, one detail brush. Find brushes designed for acrylic paint.
* Water Cup
* Paper Towels
* Paper Plates or palette paper for mixing colors
* Small spray bottle with water
* Apron
* Ruler
* Pencil
* Masking tape
* Reference photos- I will explain more about this in class.

A Jumpstart Guide to Acrylic Painting (The beginner painting class I wish I had taken)
Week 1. Value Scales
-practice mixing values with black and white
-make a gray scale
-matching gray scale blocks
-homework practice
Week 2. Forget the name of a thing, only think in shapes.
-Share homework from previous week- show and share
-learning to think about shapes rather than objects
-gridding a reference and canvas
-paint in shapes
-upside down painting
-homework practice
Week 3. Give shapes meaning
-Share homework from previous week- show and share
-light and dark sides
-Brush work, put it down and leave it
-Limit brush strokes
-Homework Practice
Week 4. Color- Hue, Value, Intensity
-Share homework from previous week- show and share
-Start with limited palette
-intensity of color, scales of color intensity
-checking value with black and white filter
-Hue- Wheel, catalog color
-color chip matching
-Homework Practice
Week 5. Bring it all together
-Share homework from previous week- show and share
-Homework Practice
Week 6. Bring it all together
-Share homework from previous week- show and share
-Still Life
-Homework Practice


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