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Well great news! We just added the pre-order option for the Summer Curriculum to a gift you can give for Christmas! Not only is this a great option for those who normally purchase our Summer Camps, but it’s also a great option for aunts and uncles or grandparents who may have some kiddos for awhile over Summer Breaks! It give them something unique and memorable to do in between the normal trips to Temple Square, Lagoon, and visiting family members- with the plus side of them making new friends!

Purchase a full week, half week, or just a day of a summer camp, here! No need to pick which week quite yet- we are working hard to put together the exciting roster of classes we will offer in 2020 and so we will be happy to let you know when you can choose what classes are available, and what time, when we release them!


What Art Materials Do You Use?
Our art camps are pretty extensive, many of which cover a variety of mediums, while some are more “classic” style mediums. By that we mean our art camps can cover paint with acrylics, oils, watercolor or tempura, chalk and oil pastels, inks and charcoal, graphite pencil drawing, recycled materials, ceramic clay, fabrics, wood, plastics, and papers- though not every camp will cover all of these mediums. Occasionally, we will also hold camps for squishy making, resin pouring, doll making, slime and “potion” (natural perfumes) making. 

Is Every Camp Themed?
No, not every camp is themed. Some are simply “Cartoon Style Camp” or “Clay Building Camp” while others may be “Harry Potter” or “Dinosaurs”. We try to be diverse and offer many options for our customers. Our Summer Art Camps are a hit with kids, no matter what they came in for. Stay tuned!

What are the price options?
We have a full week (5 days, 3 hours a day, afternoon or morning) for $140, a half week (3 consecutive days, 3 hours a day, afternoon or morning) for $90, or one day (3 hours a day, afternoon or morning) for $40.  These are discounted from what we generally charge when bought right before summer!

Will we be able to choose what our child learns?
Unless you have a time constraint, such as only one week they can do art class, you will absolutely be able to choose! We will let you know the roster, you will select the week or camp type, and the rest is on us. If you sign up for 1 day, or 3 days, you will also be able to see what each day in that week entails and select from there. If, for whatever reason, there is a price increase for a certain material on a given day you would like to join, we will work out the difference with you. 

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How Many Classes would you like to Pre-Order?

A full week ( 5 days, 3 hrs a day) $140 !!BEST DEAL!!, A half week (3 days, 3 hrs a day) $90, One day (3 hrs, your choice) $40

During When:

June 8-12- Modern Masters, June 15-19- Fantasy Fairies and Dragons, June 22-26- Fantastic Pets, June 29-July 3- Potter's Wizard World, July 6-10- Magical Me, July 13-17- Dollhouse Camp, July 20-24- Fantasy Fairies and Dragons, July 27-31-Fantastic Pets, Aug 3-7-Sweet Treats, Aug 10-14- TBD


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