Spring Break Jedi Camp- Mar 30th- Apr 3rd, 1-4 PM


Everyone loves this cross-generation saga… including our kids! Do you have an aspiring Jedi youngling at home? We thought you might.. Pick and choose the day(s) you’d like, or sign up for the WHOLE WEEK and get $20 off! Learn more about the everyday camp below.

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Easily remembered as the most creative film of its time, we found inspiration in an unexpected place, this year! Welcome to our Spring Break Jedi Camp! Our focus is several different mediums, tactile experiences, and creativity builders with a theme that your child will love. See our full agenda, below! Sign up for a day, a few days, or the full week! We look forward to having you! Do not forget to register your Jedi below, in our camp registration form!

These classes are for Ages 5 and up!
MONDAY, Mar 30th, 1-4pm. $40
RECYCLED MATERIALS – Create your favorite droids or come up with your own using cardboard, paper, plastic… The possibilities are endless!
TUESDAY, Mar 31st, 1-4 pm $40
CERAMICS & SLIME – Create a Chewbacca Mug or plate, and end the day with galaxy slime creation!
WEDNESDAY,  April 1st, 1-4 pm $40
DRAWING -Learn how to draw your favorite characters! Doesn’t matter if they’re Jedi or Sith, droid or alien!
THURSDAY, April 2nd, 1-4 pm $40
WATERCOLOR & LIGHTSABERS – Learn a unique watercolor technique while making your fave character and finish with your very own (foam) Lightsaber!
FRIDAY, April 5th, 1-4 pm $40
ACRYLIC on CANVAS & SLIME – Recreate the hottest internet sensation- The Child! Who, you may ask? Baby Yo-DUH! end the day with a fun slime project.
SIGN UP FOR THE WHOLE WEEK for $180!!! That’s $20 OFF your total.

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