Fun Art Classes for children ages 9-11

FUN ART (intermediate) 9-11


Choose from in-studio or Virtual

The ideal art class to help children develop confidence, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking and independence.
Meets once a week,
Wednesday 4:00-5:30 pm / 90 min session / $80 Monthly Tuition.
Virtual 90 min session (Wednesday 4:00-5:30 pm) / $60 (4 zoom classes including materials)
To Sign up please feel out your registration form HERE   and complete your payment below!
-One Month of art classes to a Full Year program requires a registration fee, apron, and monthly tuition.
-One Day of art classes requires only the payment of the class. Please contact the studio to schedule your Class. (801) 451-7689

Share with family and friends about your experience with Hands on Art and for every friend who joins our program for 3 or more months, you and your friend will receive $20 Off the monthly Tuition. Become an ambassador and help us spread the benefits of art within our community. BENEFITS OF ART.


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This is the perfect art class to help children build confidence in creating, a great skill for adulthood success. By using different mediums and exploring different styles, students will understand that art is not only about re-creating from reality, but creating from a comfortable space, that includes the finding of their own unique identity, discovering their own style and appreciating it from a creators perspective.
Our teaching approach is carefully designed to help children not only develop artistic skills but also important life skills for adult success. Through every art project, your child will have a unique art experience, that includes risk-taking, innovative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, self and peer-assessment and many more.
We believe a good art program should offer a large variety of mediums for students to experience creativity and knowledge. At Hands on Art your child will learn the fundamentals of drawing, use of charcoal,  watercolor, tempera, acrylics, pastels, ceramic painting, clay building, screen printing, introduction to textile art and other materials to build 3D projects. As well an introduction to the different applications of art in the digital form, and careers.


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