Kids Art Classes Ages 3-16 (NEW STUDENTS OFFER)


Select your class, we offer classes for each individual age group. Please notice, this promotion is only available for New Students. Bring your own sketchbook or purchase one in the studio. All the materials are included!


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Explore through different materials, and connect with the world around you. This class is ideal for creative toddlers to explore textures, colors and discover the meaning behind lines and shapes and create a connection of literature and art through observation. Materials use, watercolor, tempera acrylic, ceramic, acrylics, and other materials to create 3D sculptures.

Fun Art, ages 6-9

Learn the difference and application of multiple mediums and techniques, while creating fun projects and exercising creativity, problem-solving, and developing confidence in creating. At this age, it's important for students to understand what art is and what is not. Students will learn the fundamentals of art and how to foster their creativity to overcome the "I am not good at art" deception, originated by the belief that realistic art is the only valid form of art. Mediums include watercolor, pastel, drawing, and 3D projects. All materials are included.

Master Art, ages 12+

Ideal for enthusiastic teens eager to learn and explore new mediums and techniques! Learn how to apply specific mediums, while creating astonishing pieces with the guidance of our professional instructors. A confidence builder class experience.


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