Mugs for Two $32+Tax. February Special!!!


Available every Tuesday through the month of February. This ticket includes two regular (perfect mugs) and a studio fee for two,  option for an upgrade is also available at the studio. Price includes taxes. This is the most affordable deal on mugs you can find- DON’T MISS OUT! AVAILABLE EVERY TUESDAY


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Picture this: You and Your Love sitting on the couch after a long day, sipping your preferred hot beverage from mugs, snuggled up watching a show or reading books or scrolling through social media… Isn’t that a lovely picture? Now imagine: You and Your Love spending quality time together creating said mugs, maybe just after you went and got dinner together… Doesn’t that sounds twice as great?!

At Hands on Art, Couples paint, glaze, and fire ceramic mugs for two at Hands on Art. All the materials needed to create a beautiful piece are here in our studio. Come and join us for this grand deal, all through February! We offer the lowest prices on ceramic painting in Utah, and don’t skimp on quality! Our studio fee has been reduced and pre-added for your convenience. Mugs are 10oz. Join us today!


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