Party Package C


Why stop the party just because you’re staying home?

Life is a little different right now- but your birthday party doesn’t have to be lonely!
Order ceramics and call everyone on Zoom for a fun and unique social event.
Each ceramic comes with a ceramics carrier, 3 colors, a paint brush and the firing of each piece!
Each piece is $23, and this covers everything involved to create the piece. With each added piece, the price increases by $23, but it starts at $23 for one.

Order below for your guests, pick the pieces up between 1-4 PM Monday through Saturday, and then deliver each kit to your guests before you call them for a combined painting experience just like our studio!
If you’d like, you can schedule a zoom call with us for instruction, though the instructions are included in each kit. Great for anyone Ages 3+!

Same Day Pickup from our studio if order is placed by 10 AM. Call or text 801-906-1192 with any questions.



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