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Family Activity: Paint Together


The perfect activity for families. A collaborative work of art that symbolizes family, personalities and family dynamic. Come together and create a piece that will be treasured through generations. YYou can Join a Family Paint Together activity or Book your private with 5 or more participants.



How does it work?

1-Make your reservations online, choose the number of members of your family who will be participating in this fun family activity.

2-Join us at one of our Family Paint Together monthly activities or book your own family activity. To book a time of your own not listed below, please call Hands on Art to schedule a time with an instructor. A minimum of 5 participants is required for private parties, and price will start at $105 for these family activities.

3- Come prepared with comfortable clothes, that will allow you and your family to have fun creating without concern of ruining your clothing. It can get messy!

4- Let our professional instructor guide you through the process, you can choose a color scheme for your masterpiece- people like to match it to the decor of their home. The instructor will help you connect with your inner creator to find a great way to create freely and openly.

How old does my child need to be to participate in this family activity?: Any age is appropriate, though children ages 5 and under need to be accompanied by an adult.

Additional information

Choose the size of your canvas

One participant (16×20) $35, Two participants (16×20) $45, Three participants (18×24) $65, Four participants (24X36) $85, Five participants (24X36)


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