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Modern Masters- Summer Camp


The best full week learning the process of how famous artists come up with their ideas and inspirations to create their art- Ideal for the passionate young artist! Your child will go home with a better understanding of how to create their own pieces and what it means to develop their own style. Please read below for more details.

Time: Monday-Friday 1-4 pm, June 8th-12th



This will be an exploratory camp that will focus on building confidence in creating, and understanding that realistic art is not the only form of art successful artists exercise.

Modern artists aren’t taught about in the history books- and goodness knows that the educational system is letting art and artists of days past and present slip through the cracks for lack of support.

This camp is inspired by young modern artists such as Aelita Andre who started her career when she was just two years old, and now is only 12- yet is a globally known modern artist.

Could your child benefit by knowing there is someone out there just like them that is already achieving their dreams? We will explore what it takes in the modern world to become known, how to develop our own skills, and what artistic skill actually is- which instills a sense of confidence, guidance and pride in your child.

We will take a “tour of the world” to learn about contemporary artists, you will learn about their styles, inspiration and what it takes to become one. Kids will be able to explore different styles and encouraged to discover their own. We will be creating sculptures, pottery, painting, print-making, and drawing.

These classes are for Ages  5 and up!
MONDAY, June 8th, 1-4pm. $40
Ceramic Painting – Inspired by Ben Behunin (Local artist and author of the series Remembering Issac). Design a plate or bowl adding your own symbolism.
TUESDAY, June 9th, 1-4 pm $40
Abstract exploration – 3D Sculpture using recycle materials.
WEDNESDAY,  June 10th, 1-4 pm $40
Pour Acrylic and Slime Jam -Learn different styles you can create using pour acrylic techniques. Learn about famous Artists who had mastered the technique on Instagram. And end the day with Slime Jam making
THURSDAY, June 11th, 1-4 pm $40
Abstract exploration – Learn about young artist Aelita Andre, understand the process of abstract and what it takes to create a pice using emotions and creativity.
FRIDAY, June 12th, 1-4 pm $40
Pop art printing and T-shirt screen printing the Mona Lisa. Learn about Andi Warhol

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