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Virtual Paint Night- Tri Color Flowers May 15th 6-8 PM


Enjoy the experience of creating a masterpiece in the comfort of your own home! The whole family can have a paint night at your kitchen table with the power of our Zoom classes!

Please keep in mind that these paints can stain surfaces, so we recommend  using an easel, tablecloth and apron if you have them! See the process in the item description, below!

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How a Virtual Paint Night Works (The 5 P’s!):

  • Purchase!: When you purchase a Paint Night(s), we are alerted and we will work to get any materials your purchased available for your pickup! (We are open from 1-3 PM for pickups, only.)
  • Pickup!: After you purchase, please come by our studio to grab any materials you ordered. We are located in Farmington.
  • Prepare!: Anywhere from 30-10 min before your scheduled paint night, please prep your work station! You’ll want to cover any surfaces (including your table and clothes!) to protect them from stains (Acrylic doesn’t wash out!).
    -Place a paper towel down beside your work station with your brushes on top.
    -Set up your easel and canvas (Easel is not required, but is highly recommended.)
    -Get a cup of water full of water for rinsing your brushes
    -Setup your phone, tablet or laptop for the zoom class. Be sure you can see it clearly while painting.
    -Enter the zoom code or click the link to join the meeting!
  • Paint!: You will be virtually connected to all in the paint class, including the instructor. Follow along until completion, then marvel at your new skill!
  • Post!: Social Media is the new norm for socializing at this time. Share your masterpiece and experience with your friends and family! Tag @handsonart4everyone and we’ll give you a shout out!


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