Virtual Workshops for All Ages - Hands On Art 4 Everyone

Virtual Workshops 4 All Ages!

Have you been wishing you could drop by our studio? We thought you might be- that’s why we created these Virtual Workshops you could do as a whole family, from the comfort of your home! 

Feel free to browse our options, we have a vast variety of art classes and workshops available. These classes are livestreamed at certain times- just as our classes are held at certain times in our studio. When you purchase, we will ask where you’d like your e-invite sent to: so please give us the best email to reach you by!

Additionally, many (if not ALL) of our workshops have materials you are able to pickup at our studio. Please do not forget to pick up your kits! We greatly look forward to your attendance, stay healthy and happy!

Virtual Paint Nights 

Art Classes 4 Kids

Pottery To Go

Bring the in-studio pottery painting studio HOME! Choose from over 50 different styles of ceramics when you click the link below!